Platform Components

The Megaladata analytical platform can be operated in the server mode for the team work and in the desktop application mode for the personal analytics. Composition of components depends on the platform edition.


The platform component designated for autonomous data processing on a personal computer. It can process large data arrays restricted only by the working station resources.

Megaladata Desktop does not contain tools for team work, access control and publication of web services.

Component Minimum Recommended
OS Windows 10 higher; Linux supported GTK 3, core 5.3 1, 2 higher
CPU 2 core 3 16 core 3
Disk Space 1 GB 10 GB (+ User Data)

2 It is possible to use the Linux kernel version 4.11 or later if there is no need to connect Python.

3 In some cases, the xdg-open and dbus-send utilities are used, the value of the DESKTOP_SESSION environment variable.

4 Supports x64 processors Intel Core, AMD FX and newer containing instructions SSE4.2 (POPCNT, LZCNT).


The analytical server, completes the loading, calculation, model training, visualisation, access control and other tasks. Megaladata Server is a key platform element required for the team work. Megaladata Server is designated for deployment in the internal network when there is more than one user working from different working places.

Megaladata Studio is required for server control, configuration, visualisation and other operations. Other platform components, with the exception of the Desktop component, can interact with Megaladata Server.

The basic version of all server and cloud editions includes Megaladata Server and minimum 5 concurrent license licenses for the users with "Workflows design" or "View reports" roles. To execute workflows by means of scheduled start or calling of the web services published with Integrator, no additional user licences are required. The basic server version is sufficient.

Component Minimum Recommended
OS Windows Server 2019 higher; Linux core 5.3 1, 2 higher
CPU 4 core 1 16 core 1 (Users x 1.6 core + 1 core)
RAM 8 GB 16 GB (Users x 2GB + 2GB)
Disk Space 1 GB 10 GB (+ User Data)
Ping delay <50мс <15мс

Note: System requirements may vary based on data volumes and interactions with third party applications.

1 Supports work on x64 processors Intel Core, AMD FX and newer containing SSE4.2 instructions (POPCNT, LZCNT).

2 It is possible to use the Linux kernel version 4.11 or later if there is no need to connect Python.

3 The distribution must contain the library (for logging in journald) and packages: glibc 2.17 higher, libstdc++6 version 6.1 higher, libicu 61 higher.


The client web application designated for processing workflows design, data visualisation, server configuration, access control.

Studio is the is the main tool for of analyst and end user that implements user interface of the platform operation. Megaladata Server provides data processing.

List of supported browsers:

Chrome 84.0 higher
Chrome Android 84.0 higher
Firefox 79.0 higher
Opera 70.0 higher
Safari 14.1 higher
Edge 84.0 higher

other browsers based on Chromium at least 84.0


The platform component that enables to publish custom web services that implement the logics developed in the Megaladata Server workflows. Megaladata Integrator provides an opportunity to implement the architecture that secures fault tolerance, load balancing and horizontal scaling.

Component Minimum Recommended
OS Windows Server 2012 higher; Linux1 Linux CentOS (7+), Debian(10+), Fedora(36+), Ubuntu(16.04, 18.04, 20.04+) Tested
Software Windows IIS 8.0 higher, .NET 4.5
CPU 2 core 4 core
HDD 100 GB 500 GB
USB 1.0 2.0

1 The distribution must contain packages: glibc 2.17 higher or musl 1.2.2 higher.

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